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Cerâmica: vaso, toy art… delicadeza.

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Absolutamente lindas e delicadas as cerâmicas da designer francesa Alice Lucas. Os detalhes em dourado dos vasos são pequenos bibêlos colados à peça. Os bichinhos são toy art em cerâmica e os pratos merecem uma parede só pra eles.  No site dela tem mais detalhes das peças, vale à pena ver.


Toy art delicado.

1. VoYou don’t need nearly as much money as you think you do. Another revelation that has come into my life in the past year or so.  You really *need* far, far less that what you think.  There are single people who travel and live on $5,000 a year.  There are families of 5 that eat on $100/month.  As a culture, we absolutely squander. I know Courtney and I do.  It’s that straightforward.